Relaxation---try to visualize images that you can think of from this word.
The ocean, highlands, forests, clear air, breezes, a sofa in a living room, dozing off...
Such simple, ordinary scenes are the kind of relaxation spaces we create.
We hope to continue offering rooms that would soothe the body and mind, tired from a busy life.
Our secret is add a little bit of science to the power of nature.


In these six field(*Introduction shows our works available only in Japan.)

We are engaged in six major fields: bade pools (health promotion facilities), warm bath facilities (super public bathhouses, health bathhouses, etc.), fitness clubs, hotels, beauty salons and spas.
In these six fields, we provide expanded services and products - from planning, designing and proposing, to fragrances and interior design - based on our basic principle of being a comprehensive supplier for comfortable places.

  • Spas
  • Bade pools
  • Warm bath facilities (super public bathhouses, health bathhouses, etc.)
  • Fitness Club
  • Beauty salons
  • Hotels


Five product quality standards

Aqua Enterprise's latest knowledge and technology to bring together the best of the original product development, including the border and manufacturers outside the framework of choice for high-quality products to our customers under them. All products will ensure that the five were derived from the perspective of their own quality standards, the quality of aqua. For anyone to achieve a comfortable space with great confidence and our security is guaranteed.

Aqua meets the advanced high quality of the next generation
Needed functionality and sufficient capabilities, to enhance the comfort that has been devised
Visually beautiful and user friendly design for anyone
User friendly and safety for all people
Economical efficiency
Economical, with excellent cost performance


Overseas Products